SDA | Sparq Development Association

I am thankful for Art to Hems quick turn around time and complimentary shipping on our first order. I was definitely impressed with the prompt responses and great quality service with a nice personal touch. The kids loved their shirts and Art to Hems have added amazing value to our organization. 

Thomas J. Flowers | Executive Director 


I have worked with Adam (owner of Art to Hems) in the past and it was one of the best experiences I have encountered in 2015. His enthusiasm for art and fashion is unparallelled. His knowledge of Photoshop and compositing and retouching is beyond reproach. He would be a considerable asset to any production or art project and his knowledge of the music scene is very apparent. I would think Adam can do just about anything and any business or fashion house would be lucky to have him.




I cannot say enough about Adam or (Online Art to Hems Retail Store). Him and the vision for his companies are truly trendsetting and take the musician/band and places them in control of so many aspects of their business. Incredible innovation and a win/win for all concerned. One thing that also impresses me is the responsiveness to any questions I had during the process to be part of this new vision. Love Adam and love his companies!

Anthony Demman | Broken Manager


My teenage daughter is very interested in starting her own T-Shirt business. While doing research she found Art to Hems and contacted the owner. He went above and beyond his call of duty. He spoke with her for over an hour! He was the BIGGEST help to her. He set her up with all the information she needed and more! She is on her way to making her dreams come true because of Arts to Hems. She can’t wait to continue in her business with him. I HIGHLY recommend Arts to Hems to everyone! Very professional, caring, informative, going above and beyond! It’s nice to find a real person out there doing real business!


Adam is a designer that is hard working and always willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Over the course of 4 years other designers have come and gone, but Adam was a constant and always willing to do what was best for my company. Often times I needed some sound advice on a direction to go and would reach out to him. At times he would spend over an hour walking me through a process giving me the correct leads I needed to make it happen. I highly recommend anyone who is starting a brand or who has one that is in need for a professional skilled to grow their business, to work with him and his team.

Scott Houghton | Owner


Working with Adam is smooth and professional. He has recently printed and treated (softened) a pocket square project I was heading and with some concerns of mine, I wanted to make it more vintage and super soft but was pressed for time. I got a call a few days after saying they were ready and I was amazed that it came out better than I was imagining. I am looking forward to working with him and his company again in the future.

Neil Bardon |  Founder/Creative Director


Back is 2006, well before the crash of 2009, I personally sought out Adam, because of my previous experience working with him. I had a vision which Adam just got and offered him a 50/50 partnership and title as COO. Even today, I can't say enough about his work ethic. He is extremely talented on all fronts! Knows design and screen printing front to back and does what is needed to get the job done on time and budget. 

Tod Hipsher | 13 GREY INC. CEO